Zzzz I’m awake, really.

What I had wanted to do was waste away a few hours playing a game. Which won’t be happening because the Sims3 disk was removed from my laptop while Howard was showing off various things to some of our friends. Realizing I hadn’t been blogging much I decided that  this would be a fine opertunity to review recent events. Few though they were.

—-Thur: [>.>…..? ZzzzZzzzz….] Wen: [Bought a Historical Romance Novel, and went to Aikido] Tue: [Much Growling.]

——Monday August 3: After Work

I got home and plunked down on the couch with Howard to watch the remaining four episodes of Hanayome wa Yakudoshi a Japanese Drama. [Quite cute really.] The day progressed to evening blahblahblah [insert normal stuff here] then I started re-reading a Lisa Kleypas Book. [I owe my mechanic a arm, and perhaps a kidney? So books along with Aikido were what got cut out of my budget when the shoestring broke.] No the book is not a terribly fascinating point of my day, but It kept me up until 3am and that IS the fascinating point.

I crawled into bed, and almost imediatly got a phone call from my brother. Short Story: Father was up at the VA in Syracuse (1hr away) and needed to be picked up. My brother couldn’t, My mother couldn’t. (Well she could have, but I’d rather loose the sleep in her place.) I re-called my friend [SilverishAura] and coerced her into riding with me.

We got coffee, doritos and ciggs. Accidently stopped into University Hospital before the VA. Finally figured it out, collected my father. Stopped to get him ciggaretts, mucked around with a gas pump that didn’t like me in east Syracuse. Found my way back out of syracuse then started driving home. We watched the sun come up ahead of us… It was at about this point that we realized our 5-6am estimate might be very very wrong. At 6:30am I got Dad back to where he was living.

Then [SilverishAura took over driving.] I’d been awake for 22 hours, and was now counting down to 24. We took a wrong turn coming home, wound up going a bit out of our way but successfully got back home. 7am. I walked thru the door, said goodbye to howard, called my boss… and /ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz

Note: My father is Fine.

—-Friday July 31

My brother Matt turned 22 and threw a very nice party. I think I have a picture somewhere but I’m not entirely sure where it is at the moment. He set up the Lot with fake-official looking fencing [the type you always see at concerts to section off VIP areas and such.] a huge uhhh canopy thing, the trailer, a fire pit, a grill… Yup he had it all. Mmmm Fire.

—-Sunday July 26

Woke up at 11am planning to attend the Irish Fest which had been going since Friday. We didn’t go fri/sat. Wound up babysitting until about 1:30 instead. Then we went down to the Fest, wandered around. Ate foods, got my niece a gift, went and watched the wedding of our friends Daniel and Heather. [which was in fact why we were there.] Then went to the reception.


So what have I been doing in all these blank gaps? Well I’ve resorted my Bookshelves to resemble a Tetris Puzzle of some sort using every last inch of available space to cram my books into. Just so that I could make room for more books. I have also re-read quite a few of them… Ah the woes of being broke. I’ve alternatly visited with friends, and played Sims3. I’ve gone swimming and coerced Howard into eating out once or twice… and really thats about it.


Other Notes: (1) Greg the Traveler is somewhere in Wyoming (2) Liam and Ryan the second Travelers are somewhere in Iowa. (3) I’m trying to talk Howard into agreeing to let a student from Hungaria stay with us 2days in august. [The sticking point is that its during the week…]


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