The power of Tired?

This is what happens when I sit down at a computer, feel tired, and have Illustrator open. My brain shuts down, my mouse starts moving, and then my eyes hurt.





I tacked this on After the fact (aug18): It’s something I did last week for work using some Vector Clip-art.


2 thoughts on “The power of Tired?

  1. Francesco Rizzi says:

    Actually, I find Quazk quite nice.. might be my next wallpaper (but certainly will be added to my screensaver cycle if I remember to do so at work).. Good job! PS: Instead of Squak.. should name that one “Onyxia” :)

  2. […] I finished the art for Squak (now renamed Onyxia), and Quazk… (link) I couldn’t think of what other’s to do. I said as much on twitter/facebook and got a […]

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