Brain-Eating Topics.

There is nothing quite like having to wait for time to pass by so you can go give someone a ride at the appointed time without being late. It’s terribly boring. Sadly I can’t fill this time with anything I’d like to do (ie: Write, Read, Play video games) Because I’m the type of person who gets absorbed in whatever I’m doing and forgets to pay attention to the time. So, There is no better time than now to write a blog post.

There have been a lot of things floating around in my head lately, from opinions on the daily news, to what books I’ve been reading, thoughts on interesting conversations that have happened… I can’t quite seem to remember what any of those topics that I wanted to write about were right now. Or at least not all of them.

Brain-Eating topic #1: PAX
I’m counting the days down to September 3rd, the date my flight leaves here and drops me and Howard off in Seattle. Where we will spend the weekend with two friends from Canada and attend PAX (Penny-Arcade Expo for those of you who don’t know the acronym.) It’s not surprising that its on my mind, for one I’m checking on the boards and schedule’s, events that will be happening at PAX. ect.

I will admit I am hoping to get in on a lot of smaller expo-wide events. Like Assassins (if I can convince Howard to participate) and I’ve considered trying to find 3 others to join the L4D Tourney, and getting my companions to take a stab at the RB2 Tourney. I discovered that I didn’t reserve a BYOC seat in time, which is fine since I doubt I will be playing on my computer a terrible amount. I will be bringing the Lappy, and might even bring it around the convention with me but I’m not certain about that. My (new) bag doesn’t roll, it is just a simple messenger bag so it gets heavy.

If anyone knows of some events and such happening at PAX I should check out let me know! Also, if any readers here will be in attendance poke me and say Hi!

Brain-Eating Topic #2: Why does so much of my time get consumed by books?

Yes I know, I read entirely too much. Somehow I always have a book taking up my time. I really should divert that brain-power to my own writing.

Brain-Eating Topic #3: Games

-BlazBlue on the PS3 is an amazing fighting-game. Who said 2D fighters were out-of style? I personally find it’s simplicity very refreshing. Arukune ftw!
-L4D I really should play some more of this especially if I’m even pondering the thought of joining the tourney at PAX (even if it is with a PUG group), To that end I’ve reinstalled the game. In the very least I want to play again just for the sheer fact of killing zombies, also… I can’t wait to have a frying pan. (No! I won’t let them eat my brain! Not my Brain! Here, have his…)

Times Up.


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