Not a Duck!



Nope, not a duck at all. Did this one today while I was whiling away an hour, I shall now dub him… Pladdy. (Completed using Adobe Illustrator, and a Wacom Tablet)

After I finished the art for Squak (now renamed Onyxia), and Quazk… (link) I couldn’t think of what other’s to do. I said as much on twitter/facebook and got a few responses (names suitably edited for said peoples privacies).

@howardcanaway: Platypus

SorrowStar: Roadkill

MyrMyr: Narwhals!

JesseD: Jackalopes.

I think, with the exception of roadkill, I might actually try the others.


One thought on “Not a Duck!

  1. myrmyr! says:

    woohoo, I love this.

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