Arrivals and Departures

Today I am filled with pre-trip excitment meshed with anxiety. Will I forget something? Did I remember to pack the chargers? Do I need to bring my knee braces just in case? Will we have trouble at the airport?

I don’t expect or forsee any real problems but I woke up this morning from a dream where I was doing quick reviews of my luggage. With that aside this weekend (and what little of the week I’ve had so far) has been a blast.

Amid the Chaos of Friday and Saturday (two days I hadn’t expected to be quite so busy) we found time to meet up with Randy Stern.  He’d contacted me at almost the last minute through CouchSurfing to see if I could host him for a night or two when he came up for his show at the Clinton Arts and Music Festival. I unfortunatly had to turn him down since I was expecting other travelers and had a lot to get done before the Seattle Trip.

That didn’t stop us from taking my niece AaliyaNora and braving the pouring rain to go see him play, and have dinner with him in Clinton. Because of the downpour we arrived moments too late to see his first set. He was a very down to earth guy that loves meeting new people, and his music was wonderful. If Aaliya hadn’t been way past her bed-time we’d have stayed for more of the music. The second set that is.)

On Sunday we welcomed Monica and Tau into our home, a pair of travelers who’d arranged (via couchsurfing) to stay with us sunday/monday. They’ve been doing a lot of traveling around the country and they departed this morning bound for Niagra Falls. We had some really intresting and intellectual conversations about organic farms, and the world as we know it, and what it might be years down the line.

On monday night they joined me for Aikido, and I think fell in love with my Dojo. I on the other hand fell in love with Tau’s bike + sidecar that I didn’t really find time to ask for a ride in (though one was offered) we just seemed to be so occupied conversing and doing other things (like work.) Even with the chaos of packing for Seattle and getting my fridge cleaned out and my house cleaned up, I was glad I’d decided to let them stay.

Monica and Tau

Monica and Tau

That brings us to now. My video camera is charging, my jeans are in the wash. My bag is 99.9% packed and I think I’ve remembered just about everything. We have our Red 3-day Badges for PAX sitting on  the desk at home. I have 2 new books the new Alpha and Omega book by Patricia Briggs, and a new one I can’t remember the title of at this exact moment. I intend to read that one tonight and on the flight out.

By the time I reach Seattle I’ll be even more jittery, seeking good Seattle coffee. Then counting down the days to PAX while seeing the sights. Yay! Until my Return – you can follow my twitter. I don’t know when I’ll be actually hopping online to check anything.


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