Seattle: Day 1

The day started off uneventfully enough, a nice flight on united airlines from SYR to Philly. Then it got wonky, our luggage was snatched (and I mean snatched so fast by a guy I thought it must have been his) and I didn’t exactally see the red tag we were supposed to have on it so I figured it was his. A bit later, after waiting and waiting. Only one piece of luggage is left and it’s not ours. They look it up, and theres a good chance it’s owner has my bag, and should be heating to Seattle. Hope of hopes! Rush. Sure enough he had our bag, and a airport manager returned his bag to him. They were then searched down at the boarding gate. I was surprised however, that when I said our bag had been snatched and another left in its place that the red alarms didn’t go off all over the airport and people start searching it immediatly. To my knowledge they never opened his luggage until the boarding  gate. Which was when they searched ours (right when we got it back.)

Followed by another lovely flight to Seattle. Oooo Mountains, breathtaking. I am not sure I can do the view coming in justice.

So we called up the hotel van, and got our room. A mistake of mine left us one day short on reservations which was easy enough to remedy. Then I wanted dennys, had in fact seen one on the way in to the Hotel. “We can walk it’s not that far.” Or so Howard claimed. I however recalled differently and told him so, “No no it will be fine, we need to streatch anyway.” So we pass the bus stop, then a second, and at the third I am ready to do more than grumble at him. “I am going to say I told you so when we get there.” To which he responded something to the effect of “Well it can’t be too much further, and we already came this far we might as well keep going.”

Meanwhile buses are zooming by. 4th stop, “Told you so.”

He admired the black-berries growing massivly along the road. “I thought you were going to say  that when we got there?”

“Yeah well, this seems to be a fitting spot to say it.”

Another block or so later. A total of 45min walking and 3 something miles, we FINALLY got to Dennys. At which point he appologised for having been so misguided and unable to remember how far away from the hotel Dennys was, and conceeded that I had been right. We rode the bus back, past the hotel, and all the way into down-town where we got off at Pioneer Station. It was an intresting ride with a stream of commentary from one man, to one woman (and somehow to us as well being nearby) and back again continuously causing him to say, “go read yo’ book.”

(At this point you can go through my Picasa that I set up for the Pictures I’m taking.)

We wandered, with no sense of direction initially and found some really nice park areas. A toy-shop, a book-store, and then when the ocean came in view we walked along the board walk until we ran into some honest-to-god Arcades. Like seriously, old arcade areas. Then we veered back up the hill, into Pikes Market. At which point my camera died. We did a preliminary perusal of the area but intend to go back tomorrow for a more in-depth search.

I ended up buying a chineese name-stamp from a man who was carving them, mine has an elephant carved into the top of it. I was told the Kanji he used to sound out my name “Krista” was (I assume loosely translated) as “First” “Thinking” and “Arrive” those were his exact words but he seemed to have trouble finding the words in english he wanted to use to describe the Kanji.

We wandered, and wandered and wandered. Got some tea, had some coffee, wandered some more.

Sat down in pioneer square just outside the utilikilt store (which made me happy) and had a ciggarette. I was approached by a woman who wanted to buy one off me, so I handed it to her. While she dug in her purse for change I said “don’t worry about it, you don’t have to pay me” She gave me a look like I’d gone crazy. “You do know this is Pioneer Square right?” Apparently there is some place about a block away and the people from there never have money for a cig but want one anyway. I was told there are more likely to steal my pack, than my wallet. Odd. But I will keep it in mind and not smoke near  that area again unless I want all my ciggaretts bummed off me.

More wandering, but my feet were dying. We’d looped back and forth between Pikes and Pioneer about 3 times in a meandering sorta way. So we hit the Light Train at Pioneer Station all the way back to the last stop. Which just happens to be a block from our hotel. I have to say something now because it seems important. The Travel Lodge I’m staying in looks old, its the official outdated motel-style buildings with simple but clean interiors. The immediate neighborhood has a few equally old shops on the same side, and fast food oposite. It was the cheapest one I could book.

It just so happens to be a stones-throw away from the spiffy new Light-Train terminal. Every other hotel is quite a ways up the road back towards the airport is quite a bit further away from it. While all the other places are new, spiffy, shiney. Near dennys. I’d much rather book this one again. If I can walk 2 min, hop on a Train round-trip, wind up in Pioneers Square (which is right downtown btw, nearly everything else is walkable.) That sounds like a really good deal to me. So… Seattle’s Travelodge at the Sea-Tac Airport. It’s the one to book for cheap efficiency in my opinion.

Night, it’s officially 12:11 east coast time, and… 9:14pm local time. So my sleep schedual is all messed up. Combine this with the fact I’ve been in-flight with minor naps, and walking around the city all day since… 5:30am east coast time, 2:30ish local… Yeah. I need sleep.


One thought on “Seattle: Day 1

  1. aunt bev says:

    Jeanette & I loved Seattle! Both u & Howard are Seattle ‘kind of people’ … extremely eco friendly … latest technology etc. (my friend writes eco laws & standards for the state of Washington!) I wrote my friend Penny & she is ‘around town’ so if ya gotta call she available. Sounds like your doing just fine! lol love ya!

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