Seattle: Day 2

Pictures from Day 2 are now up on my Picasa.

My day started quietly – we stopped for batteries and a mocha then puttered around in the hotel room. Once we determined Argrim and Doug wouldn’t be arriving until 2pm Howard and I jumped on the Light Rail into Seattle. Its a 30min ride, but its smooth and nice. We got off at University Station and  then headed off to locate  the convention center where PAX will be held tomorrow.

Then we turned around and walked allllllll the way back to Pikes Marketplace. Where we spent the day exploring nooks and crannys we hadn’t seen yesterday. I’m sure there is still more to see but it’s not as obvious. We stopped for lunch at a place Howard had been eyeing yesterday. Bayou on 1st, a “Cajun and French” place. He got chicken and sausage gumbo. I got a po’boy. I might not care for the hard french bread, but even I have to admit the sandwich was good.

Then we wandered off and immediatly found a section of the market where more and more eateries were pumping delicious smells into the streets. Why hadn’t I found this earlier? If I wasn’t so full I’d have just kept on eating. We got down to an area where the market crowd quieted and then headed up  the hill to explore the next street. and zig-zagged our way back to Ranier Square? I Think thats what the area is called, its back towards the Convention Center. I found a starbucks and spotted a sign, {Public Restrooms 3rd floor of Westlake Mall}. A mall?

Didn’t have time to check it out we were too busy texting Argrim and Doug who were seeking parking for a {needs 6’5″ clearance truck}. Then we found them, and wandered into the Hyatt so they could get their PAX Badges. Howard and I got lanyards (our passess are in our bags). With only 2 hours on the parking of  their truck we went to the Westlake Mall. It was actually a MALL! Which sort of surprised me, why put a generic-ish mall in a city that has such a wonderful place as Pikes Market?

I haven’t found the answer to that question but we did find Japanese shop on the bottom that I believe was a dollar store. I bought a few things. We got another cup of coffee, and headed back to the Truck. Its a beautiful truck, and Doug likes nightwish. It made me happy. We got back to the hotel, settled for a bit then headed off to yet another mall. Then another plaza. We were hitting every game-stop, and best buy around because Doug wanted a game which hadn’t been released in Canada.

We found a place called Blue C Sushi, a very nice place where they actually had the conveyer-belt sushi like I’ve heard they have in Japan. Where each plate is a different color/price. I wasn’t quite up to sushi, but I ate some teriyaki chicken, some really sweet thing I can’t remember the name of, and a piece of Crab sushi. Then I had Mochi ice-cream. Yummy.

While we were at the resturant I found out that Cutler (from -OMGI’mDrunk- the gaming-guild I’m in) and Mort were still driving and weren’t due in Seattle until 3am. Ouch. I’ll be finding them tomorrow to hand off some shirts I printed and am looking forward to hanging out with them both.

After all of this, I had a killer headach. Which had actually started when I walked through a section of the mall so saturated with purfume that I had a hard time breathing. I wasn’t very good company for a good long while, and wound up taking a quick nap once we got back to  the hotel. Thankfully my headach is gone, and PAX is tomorrow. So, it’s 11:38pm local, 2.37pm east-coast time now. We’re planning on being up around 6:30am local for breakfast then getting to  the center between 8:30 and 9. PAX doesn’t start until 10 but it won’t hurt to be early either.

Now it’s time for sleep. For real this time.


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