Seattle Day 3-end (PAX!!)

Okay, I know this is coming belatedly. The three days spent at PAX I was up by 7am, and not back at the hotel until 3am. That left very little time to update. The day I’d planned to play catch up, I woke up sick. Suffered through the overnight flight home Monday, layed in bed all day Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Barely managed to scrape myself off the couch long enough to go to work Friday. I’ve been slowly getting better. I had bronchitis and have spent so much time just resting it’s not even funny. So now, let me go back and see if I can remember everything that happened. (I have included some of my tweets from this time-period to make it seem a bit more like I did this when I was actually IN seattle.)

DAY 3-6: PAX, and Coming Home. <PICASA PICTURES>

[twitter: Awake, its 6:50am local time. I need coffee. 8:48 AM Sep 4th from web]

I found out I lost my wallet, which put a certain damper on my day. I figured I’d either left it at best buy, or BlueCSushi neither of which opened until 11am, so we went to PAX. The two hours we spent waiting in line was a blast. Between beach balls [twitter: beware the flying beach palls in the queue room at #pax. they are red, white, and like to bounce off your head. 11:27 AM Sep 4th from txt] and the GetInLineGames it was awesome. They were handing out TShirts, copies of Lord of the Rings online, Dragon-Age blow up swords, buttons, cookies. You name it, it got shoved at you or you had a chance to win it while at PAX.

I got to try TRU:Blood Blood Orange, it was an amazing drink (I wanted to keep going back for more), this booth was directly behind the Blizzard booth which featured the new WOW, Diablo, and Starcraft games. I spent a lot of that first day wandering around just to see what was there. (Sooo much!!!) BlazBlu was sharing a booth with Mana-Pots which they were nice enough to give you samples of. Borderlands had a impossibly long line along with Left 4 Dead. I met up with the OMG I’m Drunk guys Cutler, Mort, and their friend Tim? We played Global Agenda and I think Cutler became addicted to it since I kept finding him over there.

Around lunch time Argrim/Howard/Doug and I went to retrieve my wallet from BlueCSushi and ended up eating at JohnnyRockets. Back at PAX I was sitting in the 6th floor vending-area with Cutler, Mort, and Tim when the IntelGameOn guy found me, so I walked away with a “BUFF Your SYSTEM” shirt. We then went to the L4D tourney which we lost in the first round. (It was fun while it lasted!) Towards the end of the night I wandered down to the Handheld Lounge where they had all the very comfy sumo beanbag chairs and rested. Then I went back up to the 6th floors Console room, where I wound up playing a mech-game with a huge set of controls. That was fun.

[twitter: Sore feet makes testing games unfun I cant “stand” to play some of these games for very long no matter how good they are. No seats = fail 4:59 PM Sep 5th from txt ]

Day 2 I played a lot more and attended the Freezepop/Paul and Storm/JoCo concert. Day 3 I played even more. There are plenty of folks who were less sick than I during the past week reviewing all the games that I played so I won’t bother doing that. I will just list off the games I really want to play again and/or find-out more about (some of them were only trailers that looked good, or sneak previews)…. listed in no partiuclar order.

  • Left4Dead2
  • MAG [twitter: Mmmmm #MAG is yummy, now I want to go home and play with my beta key. 1:06 PM Sep 6th from txt]
  • Aion
  • Diablo
  • Starcraft
  • Borderlands
  • WET
  • SplitSecond
  • GlobalAgenda
  • Divinity2
  • No More Heros 2 (most appreciated advertisment: toilet paper)
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (it seemed fun, and they had the most useful advertisment: Bag)
  • BioShock2
  • RockBand: Beatles (We got this one yesterday)
  • DeadSpace2 (on the wii, it looks crazy)
  • Wacom Cintiq (oh wait, thats not a game is it… oh well I want it anyway)
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Nostalgia (third most useful advertisment: Baggage-Tags)
  • SinsofaSolarEmpire:Diplomacy
  • Muramasa (they gave you a drawstring bag – very useful)
  • Dantes Inferno
  • Alteil
  • KuroEight
  • All Points Bulletin
  • The Secrete World

Note that some of these were just teasers or trailers and I didn’t get to play-test all of them. I can see however that with just those I did play, which will be out within the next year I’ll be broke for awhile. Once PAX closed its doors (sad), the four of us took a walk down to Pikes Marketplace (also closing) and after much searching decided to have dinner at Pikes Brewery.

The next morning Argrim and Doug departed, and Howard and I packed up for one last day on the town. During which we visited the Aquarium, and a last trip down  to pikes. [twitter: Just found a guy flying a nice home made kite down at pikes market… i wish i had a kite. 1:34 PM Sep 7th from txt] We ended up coming home with a riddicoulous amount of stuff. It was hard not getting freebies at PAX, if you had a bag or anyway to carry it you just took what was offered and hoped it was a beta-key or something useful. Even the card-advertisments I came home with turned out to be useful in reminding me which games were what and what I liked and wanted to play agian. So, it’s all good.

I should have grabbed the PURELL!!! Blizzard was smart and had it to hand out and all I could think of was “man thats going to dry out my hands if I can’t find hand lotion” so I never used it… Now, I have bronchitis because I was oh-so-smart and playing on the same consoles and such that a few thousand other people were… I washed my hands, but that appears to not have been good enough.

I still go to sleep thinking I have sore-feet, and wishing for a Sumo Beanbag. [twitter: dear #sumo brand #beanbag chairs at #pax I love your comfy “replenish energy” feature. 3:58 PM Sep 6th from txt]

I wonder if I will get one of those for christmas. [twitter: hmmmm “I got Beanie” feels like the most satisfying thing to say right now… #comfy 9:02 PM Sep 5th from txt]


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