september to now & music that you are not listening to, but should be – 02

So it has come to my attention that I have been absent since the end of August, all with good reason. The beginning of October brought my relocation to a lovely apartment. My social life has been pleasantly overwhelming. Honestly not one thing going wrong and then,… I got sick and went to the doctors only to be told I had h1n1. After medicine and alot of rest, I have kicked the nasty little flu and am back to 100%.


Anyway … also during my silence I fell a bit behind on my blog, however I did continue to take pictures daily and am basically caught up on all the posts. One of the highlights in September was the Utica Music and Arts Festival. The weekend for me consisted of alot of great music, several drunken hours spent with Anthony, meeting and hanging out with folk singer Bethel Steele, and of course a mind blowing performance by Draculatron.


09.12.09 Anthony (Draculatron)

October aside from moving and the flu,.. there was a rave with zombies and a little Rocky Horror Picture Show. What does the future hold you may wonder? … Now for those that remember that crazy little website I ran for several years will remember the events and parties I used to put together. Well, I have decided to bring those back to life and am in the midst of planning something for December. The one other major project is going to be recording with August. After much thought I decided this was an album that I could not produce. So with a little thought and alot of talking we finally found a producer that will do the album justice. The few that know of our decision are shocked and intrigued by our choice, so yes it is a secret for now.


So I have completely slacked off on ‘music that you are not listening to, but should be’ … so I have decided to only share one artist with you every other week. Unlike before I will not be describing the artist to you at all (I will share what my personal favorite songs are), so you will have to go listen  … starting right now! (yeah that coffee just kicked in)


La Roux

La Roux

La Roux

album: La Roux

personal favorites: Bulletproof, As If By Magic, Tigerlily

Next time …

I will be talking about a couple of my favorite web series and why I prefer web series over television. Stay tuned.


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