Long Ago & Far Away

Greetings from long ago & far away, or not so long ago as it was, and not so far away either. I suppose four month’s isn’t that terribly long to be off the blogging-radar, but it certainly seems that way. As for the far away, I haven’t posted since retuning from Seattle in September! Between financial crisis, Christmas, and just plain being busy and/or blah I haven’t been online much at all. There are a good deal of things I have been doing, for example I tried my hand at sewing a skirt! I’ve been… playing Sims3 World Adventures. Watching Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, Going out to dinner (You should really go try the new Mitsuba Hibachi Grill in New Hartford NY), and visiting with friends some of whom I don’t get to see terribly often.

Thats all well and good.

Most of my time however, has been spent reading. Or at least it has been when I have a few bucks to spare for a new book. My collection in the past year has become massive, my book case is like a tetris game, stacked 2-deep on more than two shelves. Long ago I was content to tear through the fantasy and science fiction section, when that ran out I tore through historical romances, and  then back again. Then I found a new candy, “Paranormal/Urban Fantasy” which is found in both the “Fantasy/Sci-Fi” and the “Romance” section of the book stores. It’s been around for awhile but growing in leaps and bounds with the added media attention, and new authors filtering in. Unfortunatly I find myself dealing with a bit of book-A-D-H-D. I start reading and then stop, my attention drifts. Not because the book is bad, or unoriginal. Perhaps because I read too much and have settled on a few favorites whom I wish would release more? Perhaps because I have just been reading one type of book too long?

So I took a break and re-read the Drizzt series by R.A.Salvatore, including Icewind Dale which I’d never gotten around to reading the first time through. So I then asked for the Paths of Darkness, and Legacy collectors series so I could own them all. I think which leaves me to obtain the last three books in the series and then I’ll be done? Provided I don’t decide to start reading all of his other works on top of that.

While on this fantasy kick I also started reading Brent Weeks “Night Angel” Trilogy the third book of which I haven’t even touched yet. It’s a bit rare for me to not read a third book, and more so when I realize the reasoning behind not reading it comes down emotions. Fear, Anticipation, Does it happen like I think it should? Will I cry? Really I should just read it and get the anxiety over with. I picked up Amanda Downum’s The Drowning City while on this return to fantasy kick I’d been having (the same day I bought the second and third books to the night angel series) but being stuck on the night angel book means I haven’t read this one either. Yikes!

So I found myself at an impasse with Fantasy, and out of the 69 books on my Christmas wish list I got 17. (Including the 6 Drow Books.) 6 more of these I’d classify as Fantasy. I’m looking forward to reading the new series I got by Maria V. Snyder (Storm Glass & Sea Glass) her first three books left a very fuzzy feeling inside, I do have to wonder how they ended up being classified as “Romance?” Ah well at least I am smart enough to know good literature can be found along side the gratuitous femme reading. I’m equally looking forward to Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series. I fell in love with His Majesty Dragon a while ago and hadn’t gotten around to buying the rest becasuse I knew I would want to read them back to back. I was shocked however when returning a duplicate copy of Black Powder War to my local BN that they hadn’t sold a copy in months? WHY! Seriously? Impossible. Someone go resolve that issue right this moment! Please? They deserve to be on loving shelves in someones home. Unless they flop badly after that first book which I sincerely hope isn’t the case.

Ok so I got much fantasy, awesome. Now can I sit down and finish the one book thats holding up the line?

Soon I hope. Before it goes stale. Poor poor Kylar!

5 books we’re Paranormal/Romance. Katie Macalister’s Me and My Shadow (yay! now I need to re-read the first two in the series) I haven’t read it yet, I’m saving it for a rainy day when I’m really down in the dumps. Why? Because I trust Katie to give me a good dose of much needed humor mixed with romance and a wonderful story. I’ve re-read her books (all of them) several times when I need a good dose of humor, there are not all that many authors I truly like that do so. Oh, and while I’m rambling about her her forum community is awesome. The ladies there are a blast, and so is the author herself when she has time  to grace us with her presence. I feel comfortable over there, not only are they warm and welcoming like freshly baked cookies on a cold day, its also that more than one of my interests is shared over there. I can speak geek and video games, and steampunk without being out of place! Speaking of Steampunk she’s got a “Romantic Steampunk Adventure” coming out soon, remind me to pre-order it?

(Side note to self, Steampunk: Abney Park in Boston? Oh please please please! I’ll find a way to get  there I promise!)

4 more Christmas books to go. I finally decided to give Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton a try, so I got the box-set for Christmas. Seriously peeved, why did they put the errr… 16th book in the series, as the 4th book in the box set!? They made me go out and buy the fourth book because I ripped through the third only to discover whooops stop right there you thought you had the next one but noooooo. Then I go to get the fifth book, only to find my BN store stocks the old-copy with the becoming-outdated-covers. Gah! No fair!

So while throwing my mini-fumes everywhere, I went and picked up J.D.Robb’s Ceremony in Death (I could have sworn that was where I left off!) But no, once again I am thwarted and had to go back and get Vengance in Death hoping that this is where I left off. Then because I have been reading so much Paranormals, and So much Fantasies, I decided to pick up a book by Eloisa James. There is nothing like returning to historical romances when you can’t figure out what to read first.

So before all this christmas-book drama, there -are- a ton of books I’ve been reading (some of which I haven’t finished because I was too busy and got distracted) but I will read them I swear. Even if it takes me a bit to get back to them when I get un-hooked from these other books. Let’s see. A bullet list should work. To see what else I was reading – click MORE. Yes I am making you click a link to read the rest because I suspect the list will get a bit long.

These are the books I finished reading, which is your as voracious as me are all worth it but I’m not about to rate them or put them in any particular order unless you ask me nicely.

  • Covet by J.R. Ward. I picked this up while waiting for a copy of
  • The long-awaited Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward, only to realize not only is Covet a new-series, it follows after events in Lover Avenged!
  • Primal Heat / Primal Desires / I Burn for You by Susan Sizemore
  • Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley
  • Because I’m the Vampire, Thats why. by Michele Bardsley
  • Storm of Shadows by Christina Dodd.
  • Trick of Light by Rob Thurman.
  • Skinwalker by Faith Hunter.
  • Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men by Molley Harper
  • Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland
  • Damien / Noah / Elijah / Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank
  • Wicked by Any other Name by Linda Wisdom
  • Lynsay Sands… I am preety sure I have now finished reading every book she has out.
  • Hunting Ground / Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs.
  • My Wicked Vampire by Nina Bangs

Now to list off the books I started, and for one reason or another didn’t finish. (*not that they are bad books, I may have just been busy.)

  • Demons not Included by Cheyenne McCray
  • Dark Prince by Christine Feehan
  • Demon Mistress by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Breath of Fire by Tammy Kane
  • The Accidental Demonslayer by Angie Fox
  • Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian

See thats not such a long list is it? And I know more than a few of those got interrupted because one of my most-awaited books came out while I was in them.

I think thats covers it, I may have over-lapped my last book list from the pre-seattle days but I’m not that ambitious to go cross-reference. If I haven’t then there are probably a few more up here that I never even listed in my blog which will be sad. I’ll have to check some day soon. If you’d like to check  yourself wander on over to the Category [Devouring] which is devoted to Reading.


2 thoughts on “Long Ago & Far Away

  1. wow.. lots of reading! I just finished all of Stephenson’s books and reccomend them. Finished “The Infernal City” (Morrowind) last night.. and finally tackled “The Road” (no I haven’t seen the movie yet.. wanted to read the book first).
    Seriously though, you read more than I do – it’s awesome!

    • Neal Stephenson? One of our other friends has been recommending one of his books to us for awhile. Snow Crash I do believe is the title. I suspect I’d probably like the Baroque Cycle but I have too many other books to read first, and the larger (and more in depth) books always get sprinkled in with less frequency. As for “The Road” I should probably add that to my list as well. Or at least to my short-list of big-reads. ^_^ It only looks like I read a lot because most of the books are only 250 or so pages and i can finish them in just a few short hours.

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