Assignment Day 1

One of my favorite comedians did this on her blog about a month ago to get back into blogging on a normal basis. So my homework is to write a blog for the next seven days about my favorite things for the first letter of each day of the week. Example, since it’s Friday and Friday starts with the letter “F”, I will be sharing my favorite things that start with the letter “F”.
Foam (Cappuccino)
Foam is the best part of a cappuccino, and truly the only reason why I ever get one. I wonder if I would get strange looks if I order cappuccino with just a touch of cappuccino and as much foam as can fit in the cup?

I love capturing moments be it photos or video.

I am always on, be it at home or on my iPod while I am out. Facebook = addiction.

Finding Nemo
Seriously it is all about Ellen DeGeneres as Dori, adore that woman.
Fluffy Kittens
They can get away with anything, due to cuteness. The fluffy little kitten that has been with me since Sunday is a much better alarm clock than my cell phone. It is not possible to wake up in a bad mood when the first thing you see is so damn cute!

Fleetwood Mac
One of the best bands of all times … incredible music, lyrics, and the amazing Stevie Nicks.

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