Assignment Day 3

So I didn’t roll out of bed until about 2pm today. Last night a group of us went to Albany to celebrate AzureCrush’s birthday (which is Monday). When I woke I was still covered in glitter (I love glitter!) however it seems to get on everything and never wants to come off. Anyway Kayla let me have a cup of coffee before dragging me off to the gym for over two hours, it is quite awesome that she is so motivated. So now that my short day has already been productive it is time to continue the pattern with more of my favorite “S” things for Sunday:

Star Gazing
I find laying outside at night (not in winter) looking at the stars to be quite relaxing, and even more enjoyable when someone is with you.
Whenever I feel like I need a little pick me up, I simply pick up a book by Sark (or three). Her writing style makes me think much more clearly.
I find salad to be quite addicting, but then again I am a vegetarian.

Sarah McLachlan
Her words make me feel not so alone, her voice is absolutely gorgeous, and that little hip thing she does live … = love.
San Francisco
The city I am planning on transplanting myself to.
I write “to do lists” every year that I do complete. Throwing myself out of a plane is on that list for this year.

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