I needed a place to vent and I suddenly remembered that there was this wonderful blog that my friend let me post random things on….. so here I am again!

A little background.   I had been married for the last 6 years to what I thought was a wonderful woman.    The last few years have been very hard.  Her mother passed away and it was tough for her, but I was there for her every step of the way.   Then December 3rd, 2008,  3 days before his 13th birthday,  my son Cameron passed away.  I got the phone call while I was at work on a towboat in Southern Louisiana.  She sounded distraught and hysterical.   I couldn’t believe what was happening.

She went with me to the hospital where he was placed on life support until they could get a hold of me to make the decision to pull the plug.  I hope nobody ever has to go that.  Anyway,  after that,  she seemed distant.  I could not figure out why.   Little did I know that since October,  she was seeing another man.   Ugh.   I don’t really want to go into details,  but how sad is that.  What kind of person does that?  A tramp… that’s what kind of person does that.

All I wanted from the whole marriage was my ferret Nemo.  I gave her the house… the car… most of our possessions  (I kept the PS3, Wii and my computers),  and even gave her all the furniture.   Just let me have Nemo!!!  But nooooo,  she had to be difficult.  I thought we were gonna have to have joint custody  lol.   Finally after a heated discussion,  I made her so mad that she went outside to smoke and I quickly snatched him up and took off like a bat out of hell!  That’ll show her!

Anyway,  I’m slowly getting back my old self and I decided to get back in the swing of things.  So here I am!  I’ll probably post quite a bit more often now,  so put on your seatbelts because my thoughts can get very random at times.  :)


One thought on “Ugghhh

  1. Oh boy.. what a ride! I am stunned by hearing about Cameron – words fail me in front of these things. Personally, I suck at dealing with losses (and secretly I’m a bit scared of ever getting better at it).
    Good to hear you run away with Nemo though (man, that’d be a scene worth seeing at the movies ;)

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