Forgotten RSS Feeds.

Although I did mention toward the end of my APRIL 14TH, 2012 ~ CATCHING UP ON A FEW BUSY WEEKENDS: PLAYING GO, AND PAX-EAST that I’d been looking at RSS Feeds I’d forgotten about. I didn’t include this topic in the first because well really it’s had nothing to do with busy weekends. So I’ve decided to make a second post today.

One of the feeds I’d forgotten I had was for TRENDIR. I may not be able to even dream of affording anything they post but hey I can drool right?

Recycled Teak Wood Furniture by Karpenter – Roadie [Trendir Link]

Really? Seriously? I knew my attempts at building things make it look like I’m a child, but this… this just blow’s anything I could even conceive of building out of the water.

Vintage Luggage Furniture by Emmanuelle Legavre [Trendir Link]

/drool. Even though I have a plethora of vintage luggage, and chests… once again I don’t think I could have envisioned or carried out something as stunning looking as this.

Vintage Style Kitchens by Marchi Group – 1956 and Loft [Trendir Link]

Two words.

Dream. Kitchen.

Of course not everything Trendir showed me was stunning, heck some of it made no sense at all. Take such as this Horizontal Shower that I didn’t bother providing a picture for because it’s just too mind-boggling to contemplate.

Not everything in my feeds was purely for eye-candy.

but… most of it was. In fact most of what I had was utterly useless junk that I ended up cleaning out of my google reader. I figure if I want to stumble across it again and re-subscribe I should limit what I select to only what I actually plan to read.

Speaking of eye-candy though it seems I have a tag in my google-reader for articles I did note were considered for my ‘dream house‘ most of which unsurprisingly follow the same trend as the kitchen above.

Then there was this one, a absolutely wonderful link I’d forgotten about.

The League of Moveable Type a selection of open source typography.

Then there are things I actually read for the most part, while on a ten minute break because they are sent directly to my email. The primary one I ever fail to check is

Ana White who posts plans and tips for creating furniture for those of us who don’t have the ‘real’ know-how to do so. Of course she sometimes has things on her site from other wonderful ladies who create. Such as Shanty2Chic.

Fact: My mattress is still on the floor of my room 2+ years after getting it.

I’m not sure which of these two beds I should pick, but sooner or later I will build one.

It will be my first real project based off real plans. /gasp.

Hailey Platform Bed

Hailey Platform Bed

Chestwick Platform Bed

Chestwick Platform Bed


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