A Hoard of Thoughts: #1

I faced off against ideas recently. A lot of them, and it is no easy feat.

I started off with one thought about what to write about. Clean, simple, and direct. As I sat down and started to think about how I’d put things I realized I was suddenly facing a hoard of unruly ideas. Without the proper set up they would only end up confusing not only readers but myself as well.

I started thinking about all these individual things as enemies in a video game.

Some people don’t believe games can teach you anything. PVP violence might be viewed as just players killing other players for the fun of it. Running a PVE dungeon may look like a waste of time overcoming programmed obstacles and killing bosses.

I disagree. When you really get into it there is a lot of tactics, and teamwork that come into play. I’ve seen and been part of tiny groups facing incredible odds. It happens.

Game mechanics, player strengths, character abilities, player mentality, and good leadership all play a role.

It may not even be apparent to someone who’s never experienced it. Being effective, efficient, and using your time wisely ‘in-game’ helps. After all no one wants to sit around waiting for thirty minutes just because one player forgot to set their skill-bar’s up right. They just go on without you.

So I know some things I’ve learned by being a gamer actually translate very well to the real world. I could go on for hours about similarities I’ve seen. How groups of players organize themselves, make decisions, and play the game. Could be similar to a business operates. An office functions. More importantly it translates to how the work-place employee function as a team. Their understanding of the role they have in-game is like understanding their role as an employee.

They take their game seriously, so why not the job?

Ok ok, the real world is not as fun as killing a hoard of zombies.

I get that. You’re a gamer you’d rather be gaming. Ok. You can walk out the door now. Seriously. Don’t make me find a few computers and make you play the zombie while I hunt you down with a frying pan. Gaming, or being a gamer is no excuse for being lazy on the job or not caring enough to do the job you were hired to do. All it shows me is you lack motivation, and I don’t think I’d want you on my team in a game either.

So if I ever own a business and someone puts down on an application their in-game accomplishments I’d take them very seriously. Depending on the game that is. In the interview I’d want to know what their role was in the guild/clan/team. How the group functioned, was there a lot of drama? Did they participate in it, or help solve it. What are their personal accomplishments, did they understand their character-class. Did they find some innovative way to play it. On and on it could go.

(Are they as motivated to work as they are to play?)

I’ve been employed numerous places where the manager or owner holds boring meetings and presents these same idea’s. They may even cite some of those very dry self-help, how to run a business book. They want better employee’s and a better team. The goal is the same. They just word things differently.

“Divide and Conquer” = “One thing at a time.”

How long has that concept been around? The dawn of humanity, or just the dawn of civilization?

As a hoard of ugly monsters rushes at me, I think somewhere in the back of my mind.

Oh shit! I’m gonna die.
(Run like crazy.)

Mwahaha that’s right bastards, do half my work for me.
(Separate one or two from the group and then take them on.)

Hell yeah bring it!
(I have uber skills to take you all on kamikaze style!)

Ok I admit it. I’m actually phrasing that ‘nicely’ on here. Because in a game I’m having fun. I relax. Let loose. I play equipped with a mouth grandma would stick a bar of soap in. Merciless evil included at no extra charge. So maybe that does not sound like a good reason to view games favorably. Let me just say as a disclaimer that not all player-groups are the same.

Some are very clean, squeaky. Fully equipped with a rubber duck and some care-bear happiness.

Mine, not so much.

All those phrases have one thing in common. Critical thinking and decision making. Quickly. Or you’re character is going to find itself a nearby resurrection point… No consequences for ‘dying’ in your game? Just pop back up and keep trucking? How about you being down for a few moments could have just cost you’re team the match. What then? Yes making decisions, thinking them through, knowing the consequences – are all part of the game.

They just also happen to be part of the real world too.

Not doing your job because you’d rather be playing a game has a consequence.


I hope.


Hoard of thoughts #1: Officially dead. Sorry I can’t prove that to you, because the body with the loot on it has already vanished.

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