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Forgotten RSS Feeds.

Although I did mention toward the end of my APRIL 14TH, 2012 ~ CATCHING UP ON A FEW BUSY WEEKENDS: PLAYING GO, AND PAX-EAST that I’d been looking at RSS Feeds I’d forgotten about. I didn’t include this topic in the first because well really it’s had nothing to do with busy weekends. So I’ve decided to make a second post today.

One of the feeds I’d forgotten I had was for TRENDIR. I may not be able to even dream of affording anything they post but hey I can drool right?

Recycled Teak Wood Furniture by Karpenter – Roadie [Trendir Link]

Really? Seriously? I knew my attempts at building things make it look like I’m a child, but this… this just blow’s anything I could even conceive of building out of the water.

Vintage Luggage Furniture by Emmanuelle Legavre [Trendir Link]

/drool. Even though I have a plethora of vintage luggage, and chests… once again I don’t think I could have envisioned or carried out something as stunning looking as this.

Vintage Style Kitchens by Marchi Group – 1956 and Loft [Trendir Link]

Two words.

Dream. Kitchen.

Of course not everything Trendir showed me was stunning, heck some of it made no sense at all. Take such as this Horizontal Shower that I didn’t bother providing a picture for because it’s just too mind-boggling to contemplate.

Not everything in my feeds was purely for eye-candy.

but… most of it was. In fact most of what I had was utterly useless junk that I ended up cleaning out of my google reader. I figure if I want to stumble across it again and re-subscribe I should limit what I select to only what I actually plan to read.

Speaking of eye-candy though it seems I have a tag in my google-reader for articles I did note were considered for my ‘dream house‘ most of which unsurprisingly follow the same trend as the kitchen above.

Then there was this one, a absolutely wonderful link I’d forgotten about.

The League of Moveable Type a selection of open source typography.

Then there are things I actually read for the most part, while on a ten minute break because they are sent directly to my email. The primary one I ever fail to check is

Ana White who posts plans and tips for creating furniture for those of us who don’t have the ‘real’ know-how to do so. Of course she sometimes has things on her site from other wonderful ladies who create. Such as Shanty2Chic.

Fact: My mattress is still on the floor of my room 2+ years after getting it.

I’m not sure which of these two beds I should pick, but sooner or later I will build one.

It will be my first real project based off real plans. /gasp.

Hailey Platform Bed

Hailey Platform Bed

Chestwick Platform Bed

Chestwick Platform Bed


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Don’t you worry I am doing my part to stop HIV, I am protecting my crack pipe!

So I have to say that I have witness the best thing ever. All about how I can get needles for $3 for 10… oh my.

Let me start at the beginning….

I had to go to see a speaker that specialized in HIV/AIDS awareness. It all started out fine and dandy.. He went on to some very good points and different condoms. Then I knew it was going downhill when he started talking about dental damns. Oh my, I thought it was bad when he opened up the condom and was showing us all about it.. then he opened the…. DENTAL DAMN! I never want to see a grown man stretch one of those over his face… EVER AGAIN! Next we talked about drugs and how substance abuse goes hand in hand with HIV/AIDS. Where the conversation headed, still boggles my mind! He then broke out a bag of “goodies.” There was many things in this bag that I thought that I would never see in my life at all. One of the things included a type for a crack pipe. He said that people cut theirs lips on the pipes and this tip prevented that. I couldn’t believe my ears. He was like you can take this and use your tip so you don’t cut your lips! I was like omg only in Utica XD And then he was telling me us that in Onondaga county, you can walk into any pharmacy, and get 10 new needles for $3 no questions asked. Hey that would be good to know… IF I WERE A HEROINE ADDICT! And they wonder why this area is starting to go to pieces. Yes, I would rather have people use new needles, instead of used ones to cut down on infection. But should it be made this easy..?

So the next time you are out doing your drugs, whether it be shooting up or smoking that crack, remember to ask yourself this…..

AM I BEING SAFE ABOUT THIS…? Did I get my crack pipe cover? Or, maybe I should go buy new needles at the pharmacy?

This was a very interesting day none the less=:p

~ReXxX Photography

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