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goodnight moon.

there comes a time to say goodbye,… mine should have come a year ago. i stopped writing anything here due to many things … two life changing relationships, my daughter being born (and her other mother kept me quite busy during her pregnancy), my professional life taking off like i could have never expected, etc.

99% this is what i have been doing.

currently i’m doing more photography than i could have ever dreamed of and loving it, working on a book that i had thought of writing for over a year, and am working on a new music project that looks like it might develop into a new band. i have been working on a new website, but it will be at least another two months before it’s ready to go.

so for now i am currently using:

i’ve enjoyed this blog and all it was/could have been. so this is my goodbye here, however it would not be proper if i didn’t share some recent pictures.

if we were straight we'd be even more deadly together.

playing in the rain

Andrew, myself, & Vanessa.

Meagan, Derek, & Jenn = three of my favorites.


Assignment Day 5

I have returned! What took me away from blogging,.. mainly being social. So right now I’m ignoring my phone in an attempt to resume my week of favorite things. Before I get into that though a brief what I have been up to …

McKenzie has left for Florida which has saddened me greatly, so he shall be recording his parts of the album there and mine I will be doing in not so sunny New York. I have had the pleasure of hearing the next Draculatron album which will be coming out in late April/early May. All I can say is your minds will be blown away … however my lips are sealed about everything else with the album. Aside from music I decided to start working at the only gay bar in the city, of course right after I decided upon this more lesbian drama than all six season of The L Word broke out. I am Switzerland, end of story.

I have evolved. (and yes I'm wearing glitter)

Time for my favorite things that start with the letter “T”:


Required for warm spring mornings.


It’s been an addiction for over ten years.


Do you remember what life was like before twitter? I don’t.


I enjoy tattoos that have stories, special meanings, etc. Personally right now stars hold a certain power over me.

The L Word

This should be quite predictable and should need no explaination.

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