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my inane metaphore for the last post [something about a train] would be quite a bit more appropriate in this post.

At some point earlier today, after I’d gotten home, slept, mumbled, drooled a bit… [you know how that goes when your sick…] tried to chew off a leg, got coffee, more tissues, ect ect ect. Catching up on goggle-reader, refining it and adding a new subscription.

The Steampunk Home is my newest subscription and if I didn’t think it would flood poor Krag’s google-reader I’d have shared each and every item from this. However, I am nice, and since Krag is I do believe the only person I know of who (a) has me on their google reader and (b) might actually check it… and since (c) I know he’s wandered by my blog before… I reached the conclusion that I should just post about this here, rather than there.

For a very long time I have walked through lowes, or pier1, or wound up in some discussion or another as to what my tastes for interior design are. Well, ecclectic i suppose would be a good word. But when it really comes down to it I am a bit all over the place, as long as it blends, and looks good aestetically. I’m fine. Problem, I drift towards very expensive designs.

This particular blog/subscription I came across today “Steampunk Home” is propably the closest, most accurate, depiction of what my dream-house would, could, might, propably-will look like. With elements both industrial, modern, vintage, victorian, rennasaince, hide-aways, nooks, built-in-bookshelves, gadgets, intresting lighting. Yes, I am sure I am going into overkill road…er mode… road-kill? Gah.

Take a peek, really intresting stuff. Or not.

P.S. that was what I meant to come on to OE-Blog to post, when a train hit me, and I posted about the internet and the google-reader instead, when another train hit me and I got sucked into making and setting up a delicious account when I couldn’t find a link I wanted.

Edit: A few links I found in the Steampunk Home blog which were flat out amazing. They were a bit further back so…

“Puzzling Home Design” : Original Article
Jay Walker’s Library : Original Article

Last but not least: I want these bookshelves

Old Fashioned Typies!

I read an article on netbooks and said “you know, they really are affordable maybe I should get one because it’s much lighter than my current for if i am just writing or reading a book”

Howard voted that if i were spending 250$ on a netbook I should just get a Kindle…

Now I have a issue with kindle, you need to “buy” each book at only cents cheaper than the actual printed copy. If the kindle breaks/gets-old/discontinued some time in the future I will loose everything. Just like a hard-drive crash.

Printed books on the other hand, will only get lost if the cat eats them, my sofa swallows them, or someone tosses them into a fire. I’d much rather have book-shelves packed than a possibly-unreliable and expensive piece of equipment.

Yes, they are stylish. I will admit that much.

A Old-Fashined Typwriter is stylish… But, not terribly efficient and the papers you type up can get lost easily…

To me, Kindle is the same thing albeit much more future-techie. Maybe in a few more years it will become worth it. [if they implemented a library system that’s pay-per-month for all-you-can-read then hells yes I’d buy it.]

Note: I love type-writers, one of my first words was ‘tie-pie-per’ and as a child I destroyed whole loads of paper just making it click and clang and such…

Secondary Note: Old-Fashioned Types are much more affordable and for a “stylish if not useful” purchase. Thus, I might get one just to have around.

“Read More” for Original conversation and some Extra Notes
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