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goodnight moon.

there comes a time to say goodbye,… mine should have come a year ago. i stopped writing anything here due to many things … two life changing relationships, my daughter being born (and her other mother kept me quite busy during her pregnancy), my professional life taking off like i could have never expected, etc.

99% this is what i have been doing.

currently i’m doing more photography than i could have ever dreamed of and loving it, working on a book that i had thought of writing for over a year, and am working on a new music project that looks like it might develop into a new band. i have been working on a new website, but it will be at least another two months before it’s ready to go.

so for now i am currently using:

i’ve enjoyed this blog and all it was/could have been. so this is my goodbye here, however it would not be proper if i didn’t share some recent pictures.

if we were straight we'd be even more deadly together.

playing in the rain

Andrew, myself, & Vanessa.

Meagan, Derek, & Jenn = three of my favorites.


The Frustrations of too many social-networking options.

Today the word on the inter-webs is buzz. You know, that new google thing?

So this brings the question to my mind of how many things I really need. I thought I had it set up pretty darned efficiently. I have a facebook which I rarely ever actually drop by the actual site unless I get a message notification to my email. I have GTalk and MSN for communication, GReader for checking all my RSS feeds and Blogs. My Twitter is just about the only thing I actually GO to outside of my actual GMail (which subsequently has my chat and reader). Twitter feeds to facebook, and now to my Gbuzz which then updates my GTalk Status. What more do I need?

Well a while back I tried to use GamerDNA to keep track of my gaming. I’m honestly curious how much I play. Theres a problem here however, it doesn’t ever seem to want to feed to my Twitter no matter how many times I tell it to. It isn’t picking up on game-play it says it should, so I have to manually go to the site and update. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they had a bulk-updater so I could go once a week and say I played a game X amount of days. They don’t I have to manually click each and every day and what games I played and when and how long. Which is frustrating to say the least.

So along comes RAPTR, which I found via some folks twitter updates. They offer a downloadable client which boasts the ability to detect when your playing a computer game, and will let you get your Gtalk/MSN/ect for communications. Cool. They also pull all the info off the XBOX360 so you don’t have to go to the site to update that. But it doesn’t (yet) support auto-updating from the Wii as far as I can tell. It also isn’t pulling down my past info from STEAM – no auto-feature there either. Then there is the PS3 which I’ve been playing MAG on quite frequently lately. They say SONY doesn’t like to share, so they did at one point (apparently) have it going to your PS3 profile page (which is new by the way) and grabbing that info, but have since taken that functionality out. Darnit all sony! I really don’t want to go more places than I have to! Bah, at least Raptr links to it I guess.

It would be nice if Raptr also supported additional PS3 accounts since most of the time I don’t sign off Zehaeva’s and into my own. That won’t really matter until SONY decides to allow us players to track our game-play live anyway. While I’m on the topic of sony and MAG let me just point out one more frustration. The new sony-player site does track trophies, but not game-play time as far as I can tell. MAG has some awesome non-trophy related stats (similar to what you might find in most mmo’s) medals and ribbons, detailed characters stats ect. Neither the MAG site or the SonyPS3 Player page show this info! Or at least not that I can find.

All of this however will auto-update to twitter, and thus to everything else of mine. Then I discovered something. I would have thought their desktop client would mean I don’t have to go to to update my PS3/Wii play status. Nope, there doesn’t appear to be an option for it. I have to go to the site, and manually tell the darned thing what I am playing! Well, since it IS feeding to twitter its a step in the right direction I suppose. So now I have a GamerDNA, a Steam account, and a Raptr account all trying to track various aspects of my gaming.

I wish it were all simpler somehow. In my mind the less places I have to go, the better.

So, Gbuzz. What can YOU do for me? Well so far it’s receiving twitter feeds, and I saw somewhere it was supposed to grab your Greader stuff too. Perhaps its only the Greader stuff you manually tell to share. The in-line conversations (similar to those in facebook) are interesting, and it pokes me in my email so I know more happened to the thread. Convenient for forgetful me but it might become annoying at some point if I start using it heavily.

On the other hand… there is some functionality I wish it had. If it does I haven’t found it yet.

1: It will pull in twitter, but only my updates so I still have to go to twitter to see everyone else chit-chat.
2: It doesn’t seem to support facebook connectivity, so again If I want to read whats happening in facebook I have to go to facebook.
3: Why can’t I update my status directly IN buzz and have IT send off to twitter/facebook? Or even just twitter since twitter forwards to facebook for me?

Bah. So let’s see here, I have to…

1: Use Raptr to update game-play info which forwards to twitter>Facebook/Buzz.
2: Use twitter which forwards to Facebook/Buzz…
3: Go to facebook to see what the people who don’t use buzz or twitter are saying.
4: Go to twitter to see what my twitter peeps are saying.
5: Go to buzz to see what conversations are going on there.

This seem’s like an awful lot of effort on my part.

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