GW2: Playing in the Rain.

Guild Wars 2 head-start (for those of us who pre-ordered) began on August 25th. It has been 15 days of playing for me, and I have not spent the entirety in front of my PC. In those 15 days I’ve stumbled over level after level. I’m not particularly good at questing, or grinding out levels. Usually I am dead-last to arrive at max level.

Today I am a level 71 necromancer. 71!! and Level cap is 80!

I have a mere 37% of this world complete.

As with any release there were a few bugs, and the auction house was down for days on end. Even so I am happy with what I have seen so far. I don’t have to quest, or grind. I can just look at my still vastly uncovered map and pick a spot to explore. As I am wandering around I’m picking up EXP from:

  • Chopping down Trees, Mining Ore, and Picking Plants.
  • Uncovering area’s of the map.
  • Locating Points of Interest and Vistas.
  • Tripping over World-Events.
  • Jumping around like a crazy person.
  • Completing Skill challenges. (It gave me a math test! OUCH!)
  • Killing stuff that gets in my way.
  • Stumbling into “Heart” Quests/Events.
  • Occasionally doing my “Story Quest” (The only true quest I have).
  • WvvW
  • & Crafting.

There is just so much…

It’s a beautiful world, and it makes me want to explore it (unusual).

So today I wanted to share some of the screenshots I’ve taken since I began.



I wasn’t even level 20 when I walked into this room and encountered death. You could say the 15 or so people waiting to be helped up off the ground should have warned me – but I wanted to see what had caused the chaos. It’s hard to get a picture of a champion fire-elemental that looks GOOD. You might as well be trying to snap pictures of a campfire hoping one will be perfect. This particular one spawned when the “Thermanova Reactor Cheanup” event-chain failed. Otherwise this room is just filled with random mobs, like wolves, ice-creatures, and things you just don’t expect to see in the green-jungle like Metrica Providence.



I went swimming with a humpback whale. Sea-turtles, Whales, and Dolphins all appear to be protected species in GW2 – they all show up as green named. Meaning friendly and un-attackable. I have yet to run into a corrupted evil whale boss.



Seeing me with the whale I look ridiculously small. It’s not un-true, I am constantly blaming my short legs for why I can’t jump up places as efficiently as everyone else. I decided to play an Asura, that little thing standing next to Ice Hole is me Siori. Ice Hole on the other hand is playing a Guardian, and decided to max out how big the tallest-looking race could get. He’s playing a Norn. Everything else falls somewhere in between.



I frequently loose sight of myself amid things taller. Like flowers, and wheat-fields.



Tequatl the Sunless takes to the air as he’s about to die. This is only the second dragon I’ve seen to fight – the Shatterer looked much more skeletal than Tequatl does. It can be difficult fighting a dragon when you’re tiny and running around. It’s entirely too easy to get lost inside the ability-effects from others, not to mention the dragons moving around. It’s kinda distubing realizing your standing UNDER a dragons belly, or wing when he’s moved.



I went to the Stychs today; A part of the Mount Maelstrom zone. It was dark, and storming. Clouds racing over head, fat droplets of rain splashing into the water below – quite realistically.

I couldn’t help myself. I stood there to watch the storm and soon enough…



It was sunny skies once more.




Frustrated on a Monday Morning…

It’s summer, and up here in Central New York State it doesn’t last very long.

We’ve had some beautiful days, and some rainy ones – the latter of which I am happy for even if they do crush my being out-doors to zilch. Our grass had gone brown and drought was (and is) a serious concern.  I have been spending as much time as I can out-side. Especially on the Friday-Sunday weekends that I have off from work.

I spent the most recent Guild War’s beta weekend camping at Verona Beach State Park. I got sunburnt while building sand-castles and now have a lovely white stripe running down the center of my back from my braid. I rode my bike, cooked over an open fire, and slept on a rather uncomfortable fold-out couch in the trailer. Since I’ve pre-ordered the game and participated in at least 2 Guild War’s weekends I wasn’t too upset about missing this one in favor of summer.

Then I missed the free-week of play (ending yesterday 7/29) that Rift had announced. I would have joined in that in a heartbeat because I did enjoy Rift quite a bit. I had planned to actually. Instead I found myself wiped out from camping and feeling like I was in serious need of a vacation.

Then there was my best-friend’s Bridal Shower on Saturday and all the last minute running around to make sure everything was squared away. Finally on Sunday I was free. 100% day to myself, instead of trying to download and install Rift for the single day – I snatched a few hours in something else then spent the rest of it attempting to watch the Olympics.

I say attempting because NBC has managed to lock-down who gets to watch it if you’re in the USA very neatly.

Every site I was able to find refereed me back to  NBC Olympics.

They had TON’s of options, Live Streaming, Replays of event’s I had missed (which was actually what I wanted) and Highlights (short little clips that generally only show Americans, or medal winners.) In order to watch the Live or Replays – I had to prove I had a cable, dish or whatever package that included the NBC station. There wasn’t even an option to pay a fee in order to get access for Olympics week.

It’s a terrible, horrible, and shameful way to handle watching the Olympics.

Since getting the few stations I’d actually watch (History, HGTV, DIY, Discovery) requires me to get some massive and expensive package. I haven’t bothered. If I find myself really wanting to I can generally go on their websites, Hulu, or just go over to my mothers house and use one of her TV’s. Which is what I had to do in order to see anything about the Olympics.

Shouldn’t something a significant as the Olympics be available to EVERYONE?

I’ve been Stone walled by NBC and the internet… Feeling rather icky about that situation I was relegated to heading over to my mothers, sharing a pizza, and watching only what was currently live on TV. I could use her cable login to prove she has NBC to watch some events online after they had happened but… At that point I was just frustrated and I had no patience left to do so.

I should have given up, hopped on Rift and done some PvP therapy. OR jump in any of the Betas I had access too. Which I had done for a few hours prior to the Olympics-Watching mess.  There are a lot of interesting games in various phases of testing. Some of these require a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and that is part of why it may appear as if I’ve dropped off the face of the earth in terms of talking about games. It depends on the game but dates/times for testing can be tricky to catch unless they have their servers up 24/7.

Right at this very moment – none of them are up. It seems like while I was out enjoying the sun, everything became a Beta-Weekend. Which would be great if it was over the winter and I was reluctant to go outside. Summer? Not so much.

So here I find myself with a few hours on this lovely Monday morning before going back to work. Kicking myself and feeling sad that I missed the time-schedule’s for games I wanted to test and play. Unwilling to fight with the internet to do anything Olympics-related. So, I guess that leaves my barring my teeth and growling… At least this means I will have even more time to catch up on reading the pile of books at my disposal.

Happy Monday.

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